Home Specialists

If you're looking for someone to hire chat and cottages, don't hesitate to search for home tourism specialists who know exactly what to choose to be as easy as possible. It's not easy, it's preceded by years and years of experience, but today we can handle the left back, just to know your imagination and fantasy.
Call with Help
If you are in a stage where you choose huts and cottages for rent or something similar and do not know what advice, do not hesitate to call our hotline, which is very useful and good quality. We can be at your disposal four and twenty hours a day, it is up to you when you call us and entrust us with your questions that are not yet answered.

Decorations can be beautiful, colorful and personalized

The walls of the apartment are like a canvas, on which you can paint and decorate them the way you want. With multi-part images, you will succeed without actually painting on the wall. This is an exceptional decoration that you can look with us exactly as you wish. Just choose a color and then a theme. Or you can provide us with your own theme, from which we will print anything you want on the canvas. For this we also offer you the possibility of a custom size decoration.
Unique technology provides saturated colors for decades
The 12-ink Canon technique guarantees long lasting saturated colors that will last fifty to a hundred years without fading. In addition to the investment in the decoration, you can save as well, because we will provide you with favorable prices, free shipping, possibility of exchanging goods within 14 days and making a free payment.

Accommodation Mountains

We offer mountain lovers the accommodation of mountains, which works all year round. The offer is designed for lovers of nature, peaks, summer and winter sports. We offer chalets and cottages for rent and we will help you to choose them exactly according to your wishes.

The mountain accommodation in winter offers chalets and cottages by the ski resorts and in summer for lovers of hiking and biking. There are many activities in the mountains. You can take a rope track, or make a trip on a quad bike, etc.

We will help you with your selection

We will help you choose the best object for you. The accommodation of the mountain in chalets allows you to take your pet with you. Stay in private. We know most of the objects we offer, and that's why we are familiar.

Use the services of our professionals

Our Audi service is looking forward to other orders. Come if you need help with your vehicle. It is better to entrust it to professionals than to rely on friends or even their own strength. We will definitely advise you with your vehicle. During the repair you can borrow our spare. Our clients often use this service with us. Now you will have the same option yourself.
Is there for you our non stop service mobile
Did your car become unmovable during your trip? It will be good to choose our non stop service mobile. You can call for 24 hours. We take care of you and your automobile. We've prepared it for all our customers. We are ready to provide you with activities such as electronic geometry adjustment, tyre replacement, diagnostics, emission measurements and many more.

Switches as Home accessories

You may not have guessed it. Maybe you know, but you're not solving. But it can be assumed that the modern plumbing appliances are so interesting that you want them too. They're different, so different from everything you normally encounter. They are not just practical equipment, but they are an absolutely attractive housing accessory. Products of the French brand Schneider elecric, are as beautiful as French women. Colorful, cheerful, modern, vivid, elegant and subtle. The designers of this world-renowned brand, signed under the appearance of household electrical appliances, have done a great job. Thanks to them, they became an interesting decoration.
Some other wiring products
Why not try something else. If you want to revive the interior and do not want to spend too much, use the decoration that you will literally take for the spout. The house wiring apparatus from the offer of specialized e-shop will convince you very easily. The offer is focused on products of the world-renowned French company Schneider Electric. And it comes with a completely different conception of this practical equipment. It is especially interesting design, what makes their products important home accessories. The switches are available in a truly varied design. The individual model series allow you to perfectly harmonize and interesting to revive every space.

World monuments Right in your living room

And in size, which is pleasing to the eye. Forget all the miniature images of your holiday photos that are hard to find in the album (The thousands of shots you have stored on your computer rather than to mention), and enjoy a daily view of the café in one of the typical French streets, or a red British telephone booth, which always produces at least a small sense of envy and nostalgia in foreign visitors.
Travel the globe with minimal cost
You can easily arrange it – by installing images on the canvas in some (or all) of your living rooms. Eat in style and in the evening go back to the spaces that abound in a cultural twist with a pinch of strangeness. Very little is enough for this.

We can also make the cabinets tailored

Do you want to buy new high-quality cabinets that will suit all your requirements, they will look great and work? Products from the company STEN S. R. O. Meet all these requirements. We have been on the market twelve years ago, so we know how to produce the best in the market and how to take care of the customer.
We offer both built-in and wardrobe cabinets that we make exactly to your liking. You can be confident that our products will not be damaged and work well for decades. All of our employees are professionals in the field and know how they have what to do and how to best advise you.
3D model
Our experts will not only advise you on everything but also process the 3D model of your new chassis to show you how your new wardrobe will look in space and not just on paper.

When to retire

People after fifty begin to suffer from various health conditions, which is related to curiosity, how long they will have to work. The question of when retirement has been debated for several years, and the retirement age calculations have changed.
We meet young and vital pensioners, often quite respectfully possessing, but benefiting from all the benefits of retirement age. When am I going to retire? You ask and you write after the answer. However, it is not for any unambiguous answer.
Retirement Calculator
The simplest solution is to find a retirement calculator on the pension calculator type pages. Then it depends on whether you are a man or a woman, and on the date of your birth, in women on the number of children. After pressing the Calculate button, you will learn when you can claim your pension and begin to deservedly relax.

We offer quality

Is your warehouse or workshop clutreless? Need to give your things a order? Organize them neatly into shelves. Get your shelf racks that are variable and adapt to the size of your stored items.
We have a solution for large warehouses too. We offer console, shelving and pallet racks with a wide range of applications. For storage you can choose from a range of different load capacity, height of adjusting tripod or length of brackets and store such a diverse material.
Custom Shelving
We offer shelves of different sizes and types. We will design a solution for your warehouse or a tailor-made storage hall. It is advisable to use e.g. Program visualization and experience of specialists with knowledge of the possibilities of equipment and technology selection.

Do not sit at home behind the oven and take a break

Were you the most "Humnama"? Don't you even know the next town? Do not sit at home behind the furnace and go on holiday. Wherever you think, you can go. Simply resurrect on the cottage and cottage and choose from an exclusive offer of accommodation.
Discover the beautiful places of the Czech Republic thanks to the cottage and cottage project. Order accommodation in the mountains, at the dam or in the middle of the forest. Take advantage of the extensive offer of the Internet portal, which really chooses anyone. We guarantee a secure stay. We offer a simple online search, which makes it easy to find what you desire and your holiday will become unforgettable.

Take your pet with you for the holidays too. Many of the owners of the cottage and cottage we offer, the pet accepts and therefore pets are allowed. And that's why there's nothing to prevent a family vacation from going on with everything.