The company has been operating in Prague since 1994 and has been specializing in the exchange, assembly and repairs of glass par

The most sensitive place, which represents a hidden danger, is in the vehicles all its glazed parts. These must meet demanding safety requirements for strength and fragmentation. The increased risk is also a slight disturbance of the integrity of the glass. Drivers should check their glass before driving and have any imperfections repaired immediately. For example, in a specialised service of Carglass Prague.
The service of Carglass Prague is able to carry out all professional repairs related to front, side and rear glazing for cars, trucks and construction vehicles. In addition to major and minor repairs, drivers can contact specialist companies in case of replacement and installation of new glass.
Car Glass Prague-exchange and repairs for cars and trucks
If you choose the services of a specialised service of the Prague car glass, you can rely on quality, speed and well-coordinated teamwork.